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Fashion, Dating Advice by an Expert

Do you have a personal fashion, dating, or relationship question that you'd like Stella (a relationship expert) to answer for you? Ask her here:

Question from Angel: (example of a real question you can ask) What do you think i should say or do if i keep on seeing the same guy everyday?

Stella's Answer: Hi Angel, I hope you aren't literal when you say "everyday". Unless you're married, you shouldn't see any guy every day. Guys have to spend time away from you so that they miss you and don't get in a bored routine.

As far as what to say and do with your steady guy, think fun. Talk about your day, but don't get caught up in complaining about the difficult boss or the nagging co-worker. Bring up your interests and definitely talk to him about his interests. Stay away from talking about past relationships. Go out for dinners, movies, picnics. Hang out together at coffee houses and book stores. See what activities are happening in your neighborhood like festivals or live concerts. Just keep it fun and do different things.

Regards, Stella

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